visitingVisiting for the Day

You are welcome to visit Vimutti Buddhist Monastery for the day, keeping in mind the purpose and tranquil atmosphere of a meditation monastery. The best time to arrive is between 10:30am-1:00pm any day of the week. If you wish to bring a food offering and join in with the meal, please arrive by 10:30, because the one meal of the day is served at 11:00am. The senior monk is available to talk with visitors at 12:00 noon. When visiting, we ask that you dress modestly and turn off your mobile phones. There are many beautiful paths, benches and peaceful spots for meditation, and you are welcome to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the monastery.

If you wish to stay nearby, there is a bed and breakfast in Bombay and a hotel in Pukekohe.

Staying in the Monastery

Vimutti Buddhist Monastery has simple accommodation for lay guests who wish to practice with the resident community for a period of time (3-night minimum). Guests are expected to follow the daily monastic routine and join in with all communal meditation sessions, meetings and work activities. Monastery guests also have many hours of the day free for individual Dhamma practice, so in order to make the best use of the opportunity it is expected that they will spend their free time meditating and studying. Some previous experience in Buddhist teachings and meditation is helpful but not required. In accordance with the monastic environment, emphasis is placed on co-operation, self-sacrifice, diligence and communal harmony. Please bring an attitude of being easy to look after, content and grateful for the opportunity to practice the Dhamma. It is the deliberate and sincere commitment to a life of simplicity, renunciation and quietude that facilitates a community atmosphere where people of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and personalities can co-operate in the effort to develop the Buddha’s path and realize the freedom of enlightenment.

Download the Vimutti Monastery Guest Information
If you have read the Vimutti Guest Information and wish to stay at the monastery, you can email or write the Guest Monk for more information and to inquire about possible dates. Please provide the following background information:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • The dates you wish to arrive and depart
  • Experience with meditation, Buddhist practice, following precepts or history of visiting other monasteries.

Email the Guest Monk

Directions to Vimutti Monastery