The Auckland Theravada Buddhist Association (ATBA) is a multi-ethnic, non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving and practising the teachings of the Buddha (the Dhamma). Founded in 1980, it follows the Forest Monastic Tradition of Venerable Ajahn Chah. In the Auckland region, the ATBA has established The Auckland Buddhist Vihara, 29 Harris Road, Mt Wellington and Vimutti Buddhist Monastery, 750 Paparata Road, Bombay.

The Vihara is a two-storey house in the city used for monastic residence, community gatherings, events and teaching children. There is a shrine room for meditation and public talks, as well as a stupa and a large Bodhi tree, symbols of the Buddha’s enlightenment. Vimutti Buddhist Monastery is located 150 acres of forest in the countryside. Vimutti is residence for the monastic Sangha as well as anyone wishing to deepen their practice for periods of time. All teachings and services are offered freely in the spirit of generosity, and the ATBA relies entirely upon donations for its continuing existence.


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In the spirit of mutual generosity, we do not charge for any of the teachings or services provided, and in turn the ATBA is entirely dependent on donations for its continued existence. If you are interested to learn how you could help, please see the Offerings page.

Committee Members

Wajira Dassanayake (President), Edward Dawson (Vice President), Freddie Abeysekera (Secretary), Priscilla Dawson (Treasurer), Sumana Abeysekera, Rajah Gooneratne, Mike Hew, Luckana Hyde, Woon Foong Lum, Geetha Ratnayake, Rajeeva Gooneratne, Tharindu Denuwara. Nathan Bitting and Richmand Wee