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Ajahn Chandako

Individual Talks

The Suffering of Hong Kong
Hong Kong University, The Buddha, Social Justice and the Meaning of Freedom
The Law of Kamma, How We Shape Our Lives Moment by Moment
What is Our Real World?
Projected Reality vs Reality
Vipassana Metta Maui – Q&A
Vipassana Metta Maui – 11 Steps to Vimutti
Vipassana Metta Maui – Q&A
My Worst Dhamma Talk Ever
A Worry Free Life
The Wisdom of Stillness
No Worries, Mate
11 Step Program
Morgan Hill Meditation Group Talk
Freedom From Worry
2014 New Year’s Eve Dhamma Talk
Meditation on Cessation
Discussion with University Students
Stability is an Issue
Questions in Christchurch
Tudong 2012
Art of Communication
Gratitude for the Sangha
Conflict Resolution
Harmony and the Sangha
It’s OK to be Happy
1250 Arahants
Alms Round
What Do You Really Want?
Presentation on Mindfulness
Peace of the Ultimate – church sermon
The Pain and Pleasure of Waking Up
Old Age, Sickness, Death and Fear
The Unshakeable Peace of the Dhamma
To Eat Meat or Not
Harmony in a Society
Wesak 2010
The Bhikkhu Utility Tent
Partners, Romance and Relationships
Letting Go Into Emptiness
Dukkha, Dukkha and more Dukkha
Living Mindfully
The Power of Speech
Anatta-lakkhana Sutta: The Discourse on the Not-self
The Buddhas Very First Teaching
Satipatthana, Jhana and Nibbana, part 1
Satipatthana, Jhana and Nibbana, part 2
Satipatthana, Jhana and Nibbana, part 3
Death and Beyond Death
Rebirth, Fear
Christmas Materialism
What The Buddha Never Taught
Never Give Up
Straight from the Heart
Peace and Independence
The Anapanasati Sutta
Fire Sermon
A Samana on the Path



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