New Year’s Retreat

This year we will hold a less structured retreat format, allowing people to come and stay in the monastery over the New Year period with a more open schedule conducive to individual practice. We will not have a formal beginning or end to this retreat period, so you are welcome to arrive any day you wish and depart when you wish. If you would like to stay in December or January, you can email to reserve a spot.

For the retreat we are required to check everyone’s vaccine pass, and as an added measure of safety, we will avoid meditating side by side in the meditation hall. The yurt and sala will still be available for practice, but we can also make greater use of the beautiful grounds of the monastery for meditating outdoors close to nature. Dhamma teachings can take place in the shade of trees near the Lotus Pond. The stupa is always available as a powerful place to practice, and to be there at night is awe inspiring.

At this time kutis are available for both men and women, but accommodation is limited. If you wish to stay in a tent, you can be assured of a spot, as there is almost unlimited space for camping.