Food and Material Offerings



Following the Buddha’s example, all teachings and facilities are offered free of charge, and Vimutti relies entirely upon donations for it’s development and survival.

“A place of refuge, to abide at ease,
for developing Samadhi and wisdom,
this is a monastery,
the best of gifts,
highly praised by all the Buddhas.
So for those who are wise
and care about themselves,
let them then build a monastery
for the learned sages to reside.
They will then teach one the Dhamma,
putting all one’s sorrows to flight.
Having seen the truth,
with a heart purified,
one awakens to Nibbana.”

                                    The Buddha (Cv.6.1.5)


Vimutti is entirely dependant upon the generosity of others. We do not charge for any of the teachings, meditation workshops or facilities that we offer. This system of mutual giving has been practiced since the time of the Buddha. It places the responsibility on each of us to decide how we wish to, or are able to, support the Dhamma. Generosity is best practiced with the wisdom that understands the law of kamma. We are continuously creating our future happiness or suffering by how we respond to this moment right here, right now. Reacting unselfishly, with clarity, love and kindness, a human heart opens up and naturally wishes to help others and relieve their pain. The suttas are filled with stories that illustrate the amazing benefit that comes from making merit with material offerings, but giving can also go much deeper. Giving assistance to those who need it, giving time and attention to people who are close to us, giving up materialistic greed, giving up angry responses when we don’t get what we want, giving up thinking we are better or worse than anyone else, giving up the deluded notion that if I hold tightly to what I think is mine that somehow, someday I will be happy—these are all forms of generosity—giving everything back to nature. If we examine life we will see that we tend to get back whatever we give to others. So whatever you want in life, give it.

Meal Offering

One way to support the daily needs of the monastic community is to offer food. You are welcome to bring food on any day before 11:00 am. If you would like to formally sponsor a meal and join the meal roster, please contact:

Pushpa 529-1836


Another way to support the monastery is to offer energy and skills. If you have a particular skill that you wish to help with, please contact us.



Memorial Trees

Would you like to plant a tree in memory of a loved one who has passed away? The tree would be planted at Vimutti Buddhist Monastery, accompanied by a memorial plaque. This is a wonderful way to honour a special person and to beautify the environment at the same time.

Procedure for ordering trees:
1. Send us the name you would like on the plaque, and year of birth and death. Contact us.
2. Send a payment of $500 (please see donations page for methods of payment).
3. We can choose a suitable tree, and you can also let us know if you would like a specific type of tree, for example a New Zealand native.