Monetary Donations


Vimutti Buddhist Monastery operates entirely on donations. We do not charge for any of the teachings, meditation workshops, retreats, accommodation, food, books or facilities that we offer. This system of mutual giving (dana) has been practiced since the time of the Buddha. Although the monks live simply with few possessions, the daily functioning of the monastery requires on-going maintenance and running costs. Everything we currently have is due to the past generosity of others, and donations in the present give the opportunity others to practice Dhamma in the future.

Online Banking

There are three accounts you can donate to.

Vimutti Buddhist Monastery BNZ 02-0192-0469144-00
Needs of the Resident Sangha Westpac 03-0291-0107720-00
The Auckland Buddhist Vihara Westpac 03-0291-0107720-02

When making a direct deposit, please also send a message to the monastery indicating the amount, date and purpose of the deposit, and whether or not you would like a receipt. See the ‘contact’ page for sending a message or write

Regular Monthly Payments
When choosing the account you wish to donate to, there is also an option to set up an automatic payment or standing order.

Making a Deposit from Outside of New Zealand:

Bank of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand
USD payments: ABA# 021 000089
IBAN (International Bank Account Number): 02-0192-0469144-00