Monetary Donations



Donations may be made by cheque, direct deposit or by placing them in the donation box at Vimutti Monastery or the Auckland Buddhist Vihara.


Cheques can be made payable to the Auckland Theravada Buddhist Association (ATBA). Mailed cheques can be sent to the Treasurer c/o Vimutti Buddhist Monastery, PO Box 7, Bombay 2343, New Zealand.

Regular Monthly Payments

To make regular monthly payments download the ATBA Automatic Payment Form and take it to your bank.

Direct Deposit

When making a direct deposit, please also send a message to the monastery indicating the amount, date and purpose of the deposit, and whether or not you would like a receipt. See the ‘contact’ page for sending a message.

Within New Zealand:

Auckland Theravada Buddhist Association
Bank of New Zealand
Newmarket Branch
123 Broadway
Newmarket, Auckland
Account number 02-0192-0469144 – 000

From Outside of New Zealand:

Bank of New Zealand
New Zealand

USD payments: ABA# 021 000089
IBAN (International Bank Account Number): 02-0192-0469144-000

Account Name and address:
Auckland Theravada Buddhist Association
29 Harris Road
Mt Wellington, 1051

Account number, in this format