Vimutti Stupa Project

The Vimutti Stupa

The Vimutti Stupa

Vimutti Buddhist Monastery and its stewards, the Auckland Theravada Buddhist Association, have begun the process of building a stupa on a hill overlooking the monastery.

“A stupa is a symbol of inner and outer peace. Our hearts and our world can benefit from such reminders of the source of true happiness. For thousands of years stupas have served as points of inspiration, and it is our wish that the Vimutti Stupa will inspire innumerable beings to create the wholesome kamma that will propel them onwards to the realization of the Noble Eightfold Path and the full Awakening of Nibbana.”    Ajahn Chandako

See the complete details, background, architectural sketches and opportunities to be involved:

Vimutti Stupa Presentation (PDF)