The monastery is in a period of transition.

Following Ajahn Chandako’s choice to resign as abbot and his subsequent departure there has been no monk at Vimutti. The ATBA committee, in association with the abbots’ Working Group (as Spiritual Director) are seeing to the necessary practical matters; maintenance and general infrastructure etc..

There is ongoing discussion with the wider group of monasteries concerning the long term presence of Sangha, both at the Auckland Vihara and at Vimutti Monastery. Several senior monks have in mind to visit for varying periods and we look forward to their Dhamma teachings and guidance.

It will take some time to review all the changes needed and while this is in progress it is likely that some of the information on the website may not be relevant. For the time being there is no accommodation for guests.

Information about visiting monks, events and updates will be posted on this website. Your patience during this transition period is much appreciated.